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Wordcnv Software doc2html pro+ library

If you're looking for the components/libraries able to rapidly extract text (including additional information of your choice) from different popular document formats like MS Word (*.doc), MS Excel (*.xls), MS PowerPoint (*.ppt), RTF (*.rtf), Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (*.pdf), MS Word 2007 (*.docx), MS Excel 2007 (*.xlsx) without any additional applications or libraries installed, then you are welcome to visit our web-site for developers only: www.textlib.com
There you can find more information, demo version for all components and sample code for most popular development systems.

After four years of extensive research and testing we're happy to finally provide Doc2html Pro+ to our customers. Doc2html Pro+ is a developer library designed to convert MS Word documents into lightweight HTML without the extra tags usually inserted by MS Word. The resulting HTML can easily be manually edited, if necessary.

Advantages over MS Word's «Save as Web Page...» feature and over the numerous libraries based on MS Word's automation:

We're also ready and happy to provide personal approach to each customer and provide any assistance required to install and integrate doc2html Pro+ into your project.

If you have any questions, suggestions or propositions, please contact us here. We're very open to receive any and all feedback from you. Thank you in advance.

Overview features

Our html conversion library has the following features:

Demo version notes and limitations


Limitations of the demo version

No time or document size limitation except that you're limited to successfully convert up to 100 documents only.

Important notes

The size of the demo version is artificially increased and the performance is slightly less then registered version has.

The size of the registered version is about 40-60 KB only.

The library is written entirely using assembly language. As a result it is extremely reliable, extremely small, and incredibly fast.

Any type of customization are supported.

Users of MS Windows 2000 have to install gdiplus package in order to be able to run this library's demo here or contact us to assist.

Windows 9x (95/98/Me) is no longer officially supported, however doc2html pro+ library with support of Windows 9x is available upon custom request, so you can contact us if support of these obsolete systems is mandatory.

Pricing and Ordering

Here you can order doc2html pro+ license to use it for development purposes.

Please, contact us for pricing and licensing options for doc2html pro+.

Important note: xls2html (MS Excel to html) library is available for order as well. Contact us for details.


Product NameSize, KBAction
  doc2html pro+ demo
 doc2html pro+ demo, zip file242Download
 doc2html pro+ demo, exe file229Download


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