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Frequentry Asked development Questions

If you're looking for the components/libraries able to rapidly extract text (including additional information of your choice) from different popular document formats like MS Word (*.doc), MS Excel (*.xls), MS PowerPoint (*.ppt), RTF (*.rtf), Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (*.pdf), MS Word 2007 (*.docx), MS Excel 2007 (*.xlsx) without any additional applications or libraries installed, then you are welcome to visit our web-site for developers only: www.textlib.com
There you can find more information, demo version for all components and sample code for most popular development systems.

Need to programmatically extract text or any data (including pictures, style properties etc.) from MS Office (MS Word/MS Excel/MS PowerPoint/RTF) documents? Now you can easily enhance your application by adding an Microsoft Office documents text extraction feature.

We currently have two versions of our Microsoft Word document parsing engine, Standard and Professional. Wordcnv Software Word Parser Engine Standard Edition is designed to quickly and easily extract textual information from Microsoft Word documents. Wordcnv Software Word Parser Engine Professional Edition takes this a step further, by greatly preserving the layout and formatting of the original document. It is also capable of converting the source Word document to a standard HTML output in order to achieve the best possible conversion result by preserving the original layout and formatting.

MS Excel (xls) and PowerPoint (ppt) documents parsing can be easily added to any of the above mentioned parsers. Ask for MS Excel and/or MS PowerPoint parsers powered libraries demos here.

Wordcnv Software Word Parser Engine (doc2txt) Standard Edition Features

You can download Wordcnv Software Word Parser Engine Standard Edition Demo here

Wordcnv Software Word Parser Engine Professional Edition Features

In addition to the Standard Edition features, the Professional Edition includes:

Wordcnv Software Word Parser Engine (doc2html) HTML Edition

This library has all of the above mentioned features and is able to produce lite-weight html output which is more than 10 times smaller than MS Word "Save as Web-page" does.

doc2html would be a good choice for your web-server and it's designed to work as ASP/ASP.NET component because of its

doc2html library's demo is avaiable here

Sample application questions

If you'd like to see our Professional Edition parser engine in action, you can use our Word2text or Word2html Pro applications.

At Wordcnv, we recognize that software projects sometimes call for a custom solution. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to fit your needs. Please feel free to request customized development for your application by contacting our development team using the form below.

To see more examples of how our Microsoft Word document parser engine has been used in 3rd party applications, please visit our Partners section.

Frequentry Asked development Questions

Q: Will I be required to pay royalties if I use your library in my application?
A: No. Our license is royalty-free, except in the event that your application is a batch file converter. If this is the case, please contact us.

Q: What programming language are your libraries built on?
A: We use only assembly language in our libraries. As a result they are extremely reliable, extremely small, and incredibly fast.

Q: How can I integrate your components with my application?
A: Our components can be integrated with your application so long as your compiler supports dynamic or static linking. Currently our components can be integrated with the most popular development tools like Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, ASP, any .NET CLR compliant language (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET), Borland Delphi, CBuilder and more. Contact us (see form below) if you need any additional details concerning your target language/compiler.

Q: How many files do I need to include in my application's installation package for your components to work?
A: This depends on your target language/compiler as well as your request. You will need to include at most a single DLL file, and in some cases no files will need to be included. We can even integrate our component into your application's executable (Note: not every compiler supports this ability)

Q: I have very specialized text processing/handling needs. Can you build a custom library for me and/or provide customized development?
A: Yes, we can. Feel free to contact us using the form below and we would be happy to provide you with the functionality you require while building a solution to fit your specific technical requirements.

Feel free to contact us using the form below and we will answer to all your requests.

Important notes: we advise you to use your company's e-mail, free e-mail boxes has much lower priority and will be responded last of all. All fields in the form below must be filled, otherwise you will see a warning message.
Thank you in advance.

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