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If you're looking for the components/libraries able to rapidly extract text (including additional information of your choice) from different popular document formats like MS Word (*.doc), MS Excel (*.xls), MS PowerPoint (*.ppt), RTF (*.rtf), Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (*.pdf), MS Word 2007 (*.docx), MS Excel 2007 (*.xlsx) without any additional applications or libraries installed, then you are welcome to visit our web-site for developers only: www.textlib.com
There you can find more information, demo version for all components and sample code for most popular development systems.

Who will benefit from using our services and why...

End Users
  • Need an easy and fast way to convert MS Word documents to text or html while retaining the original formatting?
  • Need the ability to manually edit html output?
  • Looking for a reliable method to read your documents without requiring that MS Office be installed?
  • Having problems extracting various types of images from MS Word documents?
If you have answered affirmatively to any of the above questions, you should definitely try one of our applications that you can find browsing the Products section.
We provide full-cycle development services for individuals or entities who want to work with MS Word/MS Excel/MS PowerPoint/Rtf documents in a flexible and convenient way.

Our advantages:

  • Administrative questions
    1. All your requirements, comments, suggestions counts
    2. Individual approach
    3. Flexible price policy
    4. Custom development services
    5. Fast and competent support
  • Technical questions
    1. Fastest and smallest libraries you can find
    2. Wide development language and tools support
    3. Custom features implementation
    4. Technical suggestions and advice
Visit Developer's section to find more information.
Who we are

Wordcnv is a software development firm focused on accessing Microsoft Office documents. We build high quality software and components that are fast, flexible, and reliable. By default, Microsoft Word documents are heavily encoded using proprietary techniques and are extremely difficult to read and extract data from. However, by using Wordcnv components, you can quickly and easily extract textual information from an Microsoft Word document while still preserving a great deal of the original layout.

If you have already spent valuable time and energy scouring the Internet for a solution, you may have found other programs that claim to extract text from Microsoft Word documents. Unfortunately, most of these programs don't even do the conversion themselves; instead they simply rely on Microsoft Word for the conversion. Itís quite simple to create an application that uses Microsoft Word as a conversion engine and that is able to deal with any document type supported by Microsoft Office, but what does this mean for your end users? It means that the end users of your program must own a licensed copy of Microsoft Word and have it already installed in order to use your program. To make matters worse, your end users will perceive your program to be very slow as it loads and unloads Microsoft Word for each document, not to mention the frustrating error messages they will receive when they don't have Microsoft Office installed.

It is important to note that while there are programs that can access Microsoft Word documents without having Microsoft Office installed, none of these programs provide a fool-proof text extraction method except for Microsoft Word itself. The reason for this is the proprietary encoding used by Microsoft, who does not provide adequate information concerning the internals of the Microsoft Word Document format. While our components are not an exception to this rule, we are pleased to report that after several years of research and development, we have created a powerful solution to working with Microsoft Word documents without requiring Microsoft Word to be installed. Best of all, our solutions are royalty free! This allows you to deploy your applications anytime and anywhere without incurring any additional cost.

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